Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Papaya Cheese

 I had this recipe with me for a very long time, but I did not ever want to try it, even though I remember tasting guava cheese, which was definitely worth trying.
 I have often wondered why they named it “cheese”, I guess it’s because of the smooth texture & cheesy flavour.
If anyone can give more info on this, please do write.

Papaya pulp: 2 kgs
Sugar: 1 ½ kg
Lime juice: juice of 2 medium limes
Ghee: 100 g


In a heavy bottomed pan, put in the papaya pulp & sugar. Heat till it boils & lower the flame.
Keep stirring till the mix thickens.
Add ghee a little at a time.
Add lime juice & stir till the mix forms a soft ball & ghee starts oozing from the sides.
Transfer onto a greased plate & let it cool well before cutting into pieces.

The natural colour of the papaya gives the cheese a pleasant eye appeal.