Friday, 23 December 2011

Coco-Nut Burfi (Quick Fix)

I remember the pink coconut candy & “matrimony” (cashew nut candy) that my mother used to make for Christmas.  Aunty Esmy was an expert at this & my mother learnt it from her. This recipe is something in betweeen these two, using both coconut & cashew nuts & coloured with beet root instead of artificial colours. 

Coconut: 150 g grated fine
Cashew nuts: 150 g powdered
Condensed milk: 1 tin (400 g)
Milk powder: 5 tbsps
Beet root: 1 tbsp grated
Cardamom: 3 powdered
 Ghee: to grease a tray


In a non stick pan, mix coconut, cashew nut powder, condensed milk, beet root, milk powder & cardamom powder.
Put pan on the stove & heat up.
Stir till it becomes a soft ball ( takes about 10 to 12 minutes)
Transfer onto a greased tray, cool & cut into pieces.

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