Thursday, 23 June 2011

Arachuvitta Sambar (Maami’s Corner)

                                                                        Courtesy: Seethalakshmi Mani

Tur dal (red gram): ½ cup             
Brinjal/Egg plant/Aubergine: 1
Radish: 1
Drumstick: 1      
Shallots: 10
Tomato: 1
Tamarind pulp: 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder: ¼ tsp
Sambar powder: 2 tbsps*
Asafoetida: a small piece
Coriander leaves: a little

To grind:
Coconut: ½ cup
Shallots :5

Oil: 1tbsp
Red chilli: 2
Mustard seeds: ½ tsp
Curry leaves

Cook dal with asafoetida & 1 cup water.
Cut radish into 1"pieces & saute in oil separately. 
Then, cook radish, brinjal, drumstick & shallots with salt & turmeric.
Pour cooked dal into vegetables, add tamarind  &  sambar powder.
Grind coconut wirh shallots & stir into sambar, simmer for a while.
Season with  mustard, chilli & curry leaves.
Put in coriander leaves.
Add a little sugar or jaggery, to balance taste.
Even putting a few fenugreek, while seasoning, gives a nice aroma.
A point to note here is , in this Tamil style sambar, only 1 or 2 varieties of vegetable is used unlike the Kerala style sambar.
Capsicum is also used on special occasions.

*For basic sambar powder:
Dry red chilli: 250 g
Coriander seeds: 500 g
Pepper: 50 g
Red gram dal: 100g
Bengal gram dal: 100 g
Black gram dal: 50 g
Cumin seeds: 50g
Fenugreek: 25 g
Dry roast each ingredient, separately. Cool and grind .
Store in an air tight  bottle.
This powder can be used for dry vegetable dishes (Porial), rasams, Vattal  kolambu etc.


  1. Are bengal gram & black gram(dal) moong and urad dals?

  2. bengal gram is kadala or channa dal,moong is green gram,urad & black gram are same.