Friday, 22 July 2011

Mutton Biryani (Party Menu)

This is my version of the Kacchi gosht ki biryani. This recipe is different from the biryani we are used to in that partially cooked rice is topped over raw marinated mutton & cooked on slow fire. Definitely worth a try!

Basmati rice: 750 g
Mutton: 1 kg
Ghee: 100 ml
Saffron: a pinch soaked in ½ cup milk

 Onion: 10 fried
Ginger paste: 1 tbsp
Garlic paste: 1 tbsp
Green chilli crushed: 10
Mint leaves: a handful chopped
Coriander leaves: a handful chopped
Curd: 1 cup
Chilli powder: 2 tsps
Turmeric powder: ¼ tsp
Cinnamon stick: 1” piece
Cloves: 6
Cardamom: 4
Lemon juice: 2 tbsps
Raw papaya paste: 2 tbsps
Salt to taste
To garnish: coriander leaves
                     Boiled eggs
                      fried onions

Marinate mutton with all the ingredients in" Marinade" for a minimum of 2 hours (I keep it overnight in the refrigerator).
Cook rice in excess water till half done, with salt, 4 slit green chillies & a few whole spices. Drain & keep aside.
Put the marinated mutton into a heavy bottomed vessel, top with cooked rice, level it, sprinkle the saffron infused milk.
Mix ghee into a cup (200 ml) of hot water (you can use the water from cooking rice).Pour it over the rice, put coriander leaves, fried onions. Cover rice with  aluminium foil & secure with a lid.(Steam should not escape.)
Place on stove, over high flame for 10 minutes.
In the meantime, heat a tawa, place the biryani vessel on it & cook on slow fire for an hour.
(The tawa helps retain low temperature hence the mutton is soft & juicy.Rest the biryani for half an hour before serving.

Serve with salad & date/chilli chutney.

 Chilli chutney: green chilli: 100 g slit
                         tamarind paste: 1 tbsp
                         Jaggery: 2 tbsps
                         Red chilli powder: 1 tsp
                         Oil: 2 tsps
                         salt to taste
Saute green chilli in oil, add tamarind, jaggery, chilli powder & salt.Pour 1 cup (200 ml) water.Boil till thick. Substitute  green chilli with dates for date chutney.

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