Thursday, 9 June 2011

Duck Roast Honeyed - (Party Menu)

Broiler  duck:1  about 11/2 kg
Ginger  juice:3tbsps
Garlic paste:2tbsps
Pepper  powder:1 1/2tbsps
Soya sauce(dark  or sweet):2tbsps
Salt :to taste.
Sugar:1 tbsp(avoid if using sweet soy sauce)
Aniseed  powder:1 tsp
Honey:3 to 4 tbsps
First wash duck well,wipe dry. Mix the rest of the ingredients together, except honey.Smear this  spice mix  all over the duck & in the  stomach  cavity. Leave in fridge to marinate  overnight.
Place  on baking tray, bake in  preheated oven  at 180 degrees  for  ½ an hour, then at 160 0 for  2hours. Turn over  in between. 10 mins before taking off the oven, brush with honey. let it brown all over. This gives the skin a nice crunch. Pour off excess fat that oozes out during roasting.
To check  if cooked, poke the breast side with a fork. If liquid runs clear, consider it done.
Rest the duck for ½ an hr before carving.
Serve  with  a salad.


  1. Absolutely divine! Turns duck haters into duck lovers...

  2. I dont remember eating duck....unless of course u tricked me into eating it.....must've tasted good...